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On January 19, 2022 we lost two of our Company A veterans: Malcolm “Shorty” Marsh and Charlie “Hugh” Williamson.

Charlie "Hugh" Williamson Obituary

Charlie Hugh Williamson, 95, of Seneca, SC, husband of the late Mildred Newton Williamson, passed away on January 19, 2022. Born in Anderson, he was the son of the late Charlie Evans and Savannah King Williamson. He graduated from Devry Institute of Technology and was a member of Fairview Church of God. Mr. Williamson served his country in the United States Army in the 3rd Armored Division during World War II. He retired from Clemson University as the Electrical Superintendent of the Physical Plant. He loved his God, his family, his country and building and doing electrical work.

From Your Editor

I met Charlie on my way to a Company A reunion in Kentucky. I went out of my way to stop and see him about doing an interview. Charlie was unable to attend the reunion so I decided to call and see if we could meet. We set it up and I stopped at his home in South Carolina and met him and his wife for the first time.

We had a wonderful visit for a few hours, in which we did a video interview. Charlie joined Company A in early April of 1945 so I was very interested in meeting him. You see, my father Lewis had joined the Company the day before, so I thought maybe he would have some interesting stories for me that may have related to my father. 

One of the first he told was how they arrived at a replacement depot on trains. They had been on them for a few days and were pretty grubby. He said “we jumped off the trains and decided a swim in the Rhine would clean us off.” Charlie and a bunch of guys ran down to the river and jumped in. Charlie said that “it was so cold that he froze in place and almost couldn’t get out of the river.”

What was interesting about the story was that my father had told me a story about guys getting off and running down to the Rhine and freezing. Dad had grown up along Lake Erie in western New York State. He knew the water was going to be cold and had not tested it the day before. But he said we all had a laugh about the guys who ran down.

It was great to hear this and other stories that Charlie told. After the war was over, he had gone to the 1st Armored (Division) with my father (he did not remember him) and had been assigned to a tank unit that each man was responsible for a tank. They were working on getting them ready to send back to the States. I have pictures of my father with these tanks.

We had a wonderful afternoon together and he was a very enjoyable man to sit and talk with. His stories filled in many blanks in my father’s time with Company A

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