Author name: Gabriel Suarez

Walter Berlin

Transferred from “C” Company on December 6, 1944, to assume “temporary” command of “A” Company. He remained commander of the Company through the end of the war. Promoted to Captain on January 28, 1945. Walt was wounded while with “C” Company. He was again wounded at the hairpin curve battle outside of Amonines, Belgium, on

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Tony Suarez

Joined ‘A’ Company as a replacement on August 19, 1944, at Fromental, France and assigned to a Second Platoon rifle squad. Received Combat Infantryman Badge on September 15 and promoted to Sergeant on September 23. Tony was wounded on September 27 by shell fragments in Mausbach, Germany, but remained on duty. Wounded again on December

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The Uprising

This story came to me by way of Charles Hugh Willismason. In our February 2010 newsletter I had several photos of Barenstein, Germany, where Company A was. One Saturday, my phone rang at home and the man on the other end said “This is Charlie Hugh Williamson from South Carolina. I wanted to call and

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